Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Interchangable Watch Bands....Great Gift Ideas...

From My Heart watches are handmade One of a kind watch beaded Bands, I can do any size and color you want. I also can get any kind of watch face you want too: Small, jumbo, black,white, purple, pink, brown, Lime green, yellow. if there is a Band that you see that has been sold and you want one Like it please let me know, number is located above the picture!
My Prices:

1 band 1 face $30
2 bands 1 face $45
2 bands 2 faces $55
3 bands 3 faces $70

1 band $20
2 bands $35
3 bands $50

1 face $12
2 faces $22
3 faces $30

PLEASE Email me bear51978@hotmail.com or call 801-446-5775 and place your order today!!!

More Pictures coming soon!!!

Interested in "Having a Party?" call or email me now to book!!

Great hostess Benefits, Free watch Band JUST for having a party, PLUS
For every 5 watches sold you get a FREE band and can get a face for only $5 dollars!!!! I do themed parties, so books your today!!!

How do I choose a size:

The bands are measured from the inside not end to end, Measure your wrist and add the size of the watch face (watch faces range from 1.25 to 2) add 1/2" for a tighter fit and 1" for a looser fir, then subtract the length of the watch face & you will get the perfect fit. Example: if your wrist is 7" you want a face that is 2" & you prefer a tight fit (7 1/2) you would choose a size large band 5.5"

My Guarantee:

My watches are handmade, so if it should break within 90 days of purchase I will restring it for FREE, after that there is a $8 charge for any repairs. call or email for information.

Exchanges only accepted within 15 days from date of purchase.

When Checking out on paypal please specify which watchband and size you want and if your buying a face which one of those too!! thanks email or call me if you have any questions!